HP Envy Photo Driver Setup 7155

123.hp.com HP Envy Photo 7155  Driver Setup printer grants you an extreme level of ecstasy in the printing, scanning, faxing, and copying works.
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How to Setup HP Envy 7155 printer Setup

Follow these steps to complete the initial setup of the HP Envy 7155 printer.

  • Unbox the printer carefully using the small knife, take the printer and place it on a flat surface to make sure the surface is not slanting.
  • Remove all the packaging material slowly from the printer and open the scan to remove the protective material.
  • Peel all the blue tapes. Re-check whether the printer and all the accessories provided are not damaged.
  • Take the power cord and connect it to a wall socket and then to the printer. With the help of a clean cloth wipe the paper-input tray. Take a stack of papers and their ages and load it in the paper tray.
  • Now with the help of the manual load the cartridges in their respective slot. Make sure it snaps back in place.
  •  Press the power button on the printer and wait for the touch screen to start.
  • as soon as the screen is activated, follow the guidance, enter the required credentials, and complete the setup. HP Envy photo 7155 setups are completed.
  • Turn on the wireless network and connect your printer to it. connect your computer to the same wireless network and choose a document and continue printing.


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HP Envy 7134 connected to Wi-Fi Windows or Mac system

Follow the steps to connect your HP Envy 7134 printer wirelessly to your Wi-Fi.

  • With the help of the power cord connect the printer to the wall outlet , switch on the printer, load enough paper in the paper tray and make sure the cartridges are all loaded.  Turn on the Wi-Fi network and check whether the connection is not fluctuating.
    On the printer, press the control panel > settings > network setup > wireless settings > Wireless setup Wizard.
  • Within minutes list of nearby Wi-Fi networks is projected on the screen press your Wi-Fi network enter the credentials and complete the setup within few minutes your Wi-Fi and the HP Envy 7134 printer are connected wirelessly.

How to setup hP Envy Photo7155 Wireless Setup

Hp Envy Photo 7155 Wireless Setup Windows
  • After completing the wireless setup of HP Envy photo 7155 connect your Windows system to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On windows select settings and choose the printers and scanner option to choose your printer from the list and click add
  • if not able to find your printer from the list select add printer and scanner Option and follow the prompts and complete the setup.
  • If the printer is not yet available select the printer that I want isn’t available and select your printer from the window and complete the setup.
  • Make sure to download HP Envy 7155 printer driver on your Windows system from 123.hp.com. finish the setup and run a test print.
Hp Envy Photo 7155 Wireless Setup Mac
  • Connect your mac device to the same wireless network as that of the printer.
  • Upgrade your Mac Operating System download the HP Envy 7155 printer driver from 123.hp.com. follow the on-page guidelines and complete the setup.
  • Now visit the Play Store and download the HP Smart app on your Mac system. Follow the installation procedure, complete the setup and open the application.
  • Select the plus icon present on the dashboard and add your HP Envy photo 7855 printer.
  • Choose a document that has to be printed and select print. HP Envy photo 7855 wireless setup is completed.


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HP Envy Photo 7155 Smart Setup

Steps to Load HP Envy Photo 7155 Driver

It is mandatory to download and update the HP Envy photo 7855 driver on your device. Use the guidelines given below to complete the driver installation.

  • Connect your HP Envy photo printer to a stable power source, load enough papers, and switch it on.
  •  Turn on the Wi-Fi network and connect your HP Envy photo 7155 printer to it.
    Turn on your device and connect it to the same wireless network.
  •  On the browser visit 123.hp.com and select drivers and software. Enter the printer model and choose the compatible HP envy photo 7155 drivers.
  •  Make sure that the printer driver is compatible with both the operating system and the printer. Click download.
  • Click the downloaded file and initiate installation. Follow the on-page instructions and complete the setup.
  • Restart the device. Now choose the document and initiate a printing job.


Easy Air-Print HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup

Follow the steps to complete their print setup in HP Envy photo 7855 setups.

  • First and foremost make sure to detach the USB cable or ethernet cable.
  •  Turn on the printer and load enough papers in the paper tray. In your HP Envy, photo 7155 printer control panel > network setup > wireless settings > wireless setup Wizard. Connect it to a stable wireless network.
  • Turn on your Mac system and make sure it is version greater 4.2 and above. Connect it to the same wireless network.
  • Visit the official website of HP and download the driver. Now select the Apple menu > system preferencesthe printer and scanner option. Select the printer from the list if not add it manually.
  •  Re-check whether the air print or secure print option is selected in the use or print using menu click add.
  • Select the document attached to be printed and click print. HP Envy photo 7155 setup are completed

HP Envy Photo 7155 Wireless Connection

Instant Steps to USB HP Envy 7155 setup

You can easily connect your HP envy 7155 printers using a USB connection. Follow the steps to complete the wired connection.

  • Make sure that the USB cord is not damaged and less than 3 meters in length.
  • The device should have a USB port. Connect the printer to a stable power source, load enough papers, and switch it on.
  • Turn on your system, take the USB cable and connect the printer, and then to the system.
  • Found a new hardware message is displayed on the screen. Follow the on-page prompts, complete the setup, unable to find the printer, add it manually, make sure to download and install the HP Envy photo, 7155 drivers on your device.
  •  choose the file and initiate a test print. HP Envy photo 7155 USB connection is completed
If you face any wireless connectivity issue
  • make sure that the connection is stable
  • reboot the Wi-Fi network and reconnect your printer to it.
  • if you have any wired connection issues and plug the USB cable and reconnect it again using the steps.
  • If you have problems with the Ink cartridges make sure to check the ink levels and check for any term papers that are stuck in the Ink cartridges.
  • Using a cotton swab and clean the electrical contacts and clean the nozzle head.

The user can download HP Diagnostic tool from the official website of HP 123.hp.com for free. This automatically diagnoses and detects the issues and supports the user in mitigating the same.

HP Envy photo 7155 troubleshooting

If any printing problem occurs during the operation and checks whether the following aspects are correct.

  • Make sure the connection is secure
  • check whether the printer is switched on
  • check whether the blue light is solid and the internet connection is stable.
  • If the blue light is blinking at a faster rate this denotes a wireless error. Based on the message, continue the troubleshooting process.
  • If the light on the printer is blinking slowly this is one of the wireless statuses. Denotes the printer is not connected to the network.

If your friend is not in good quality, if it is fuzzy, Pause​

  • Make sure to use genuine HP cartridges.
  • Check the paper quality and whether the printable side is positioned upwards.
  • The paper loaded in the input tray should not be Damp, crushed, or unclean.
  • To make sure they are functioning efficiently. Allow automatic servicing to complete.
  • Make sure to clear the remaining print job.

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