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New HP Officejet Pro 6965 to won't print?
Firstly complete Driver Installation and Continue to setup Officejet Pro 6965 printer

123 HP Print Troubleshooting

  • In case any queries or malfunctioning on your connected 123.hp.com/ojpro6965 Printer, try to get connected with our technical expert for the case of getting the accurate solution on your variant doubts.
  • In order to stay away from enormous inconvenience, be in touch with our professional team with enough comfort zones.
  • Do not feel any hesitation regarding claiming facilities from our technicians, just making a simple touch on the provided tab and further more details on call.

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Connectivity issues on Officejet Pro 6965

  • Initially, check the status of your connected HP Officejet Pro 6965 printer and system for the case of getting the detail description about the functions.
  • Further, try to restart your printer, system and wireless router respectively for the betterment of printing access in future.
  • Now, check your 123.hp.com/setup 6965 printer is connected to your network by suing the print test report on your control panel. Here, hold the wireless option for strong connection.
  • Yet the problem scrolls, concentrate much on method of connectivity and try to alter the sense of connection with reference to the users choice and action.
  • Finally, check the network range with respect to the router password and other accessories required while 123.hp.com printer setup.

USB Setup Error on Officejet Pro 6965

  • First, inspect the functionality of your corresponding connected 123.hp.com/ojpro6965 printer, system and other wireless router arrangements, in order to stay away from the general issues.
  • On the other hand, go to the main setup page, choose install now, option on the same page without re-inserting the USB stick.
  • If any error message pop-up on your connected windows, try to allocate the position on the file for saving with respect to the user’s choice.
  • Further, try to insert your DVD/CD driver on the respective slot by guiding through the instructions on your windows setup page.
  • Finally, tap ok option on the same page to get exit out from the functioning’s of the printer setup and arrangements.

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123hp printer support

Printhead Error for Officejet Pro 6965

  • To start with, while cleaning the print head, open the cartridge access door and remove the ink cartridge inserted on it.
  • Further, lift the latch handle in order to pull the print head out from the position.
  • Once the print head is removed, attempt to clean it thoroughly for the betterment of operations with reference to the print head contact, edge of the print head and print head ramps respectively.
  • Now, it’s time to reinstall the print head by placing it on the lower to the latch handle before starting the ink cartridge installation process in 123.hp.com/ojpro setup 6965.
  • Now, reset the print head and correspondingly try to indulge with the replacement of print head.

Print Job Stuck in Print Queue

  • Before starting the print work, get it check with the IP Address in windows port system by using printer properties and further on configure port option on it.
  • Try to get clarified with the IP Address and name of the printer is alike as the printer specifications.
  • On the other hand, delete the job files and restart the print spooler by turning off the respective printer and further on Run option.
  • On right-clicking the print spooler option, choose stop option on it. Here, delete all the files and restart the system and make a trial on printing.
  • It’s time to reinstall the print driver by using 123.hp.com/ojpro6965 printer and devices option on it for the betterment of the printing job.
123 HP Officejet Pro 6965 Wireless Troubleshooting
  • 123 hp Wireless troubleshooting is the effective spot for the users to get their clear solution on smartphone, tablet, or other Wi-Fi client devices to an office wireless and even on LAN connectivity.
  • This generally guides the users with step-by-step process that makes the inventive space. Further, for more details get in contact with our HP Experts.