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123.hp.com Deskjet Printer

  • 123.hp.com/dj provides home printing solutions. Though the primary features of DJ limits to print, the connectivity features are the same.
  • HP also has all in one Deskjet printers. These printers allow complete printing and connectivity features.
  • Some of the HP Deskjet printers are wireless printers. Such printers do not support USB setup or USB connection.
  • However, you can connect it to the home Wifi and the devices wireless. You can enable the wireless feature with the latest wireless drivers.
  • Now avail the complete HP Deskjet setup instructions from 123.hp.com/setup dj.
  • In case you require recent and complete HP Deskjet drivers package, check 123.hp.com/dj driver page.
  • Here, you can get the basic and the full feature Deskjet drivers. These complete sets of HP Deskjet drivers and software help with all the DJ features.

Deskjet Printer Setup

HP Deskjet printer setup involves the basic steps. It includes unboxing, connecting and installing the latest HP Deskjet printer drivers. Now you can get the latest HP Deskjet printer setup manual from 123.hp.com/setup dj. Deskjet printer setup is almost the same for both Windows and MAC computers. Here you may use either the USB setup or wireless setup for HP Deskjet initial setup. However, you require suitable drivers for Windows, MAC, USB, and Wireless.

Deskjet Driver Download

HP Deskjet driver installation wizard is available on the disk and 123.hp.com/dj driver page. The drivers that are available on the 123.hp.com/dj has fixes for any recurring bugs. These fixes are different from the previous driver versions. HP Deskjet Basic or the recommended drivers and software comes in the CD. These are responsible for the primary functioning of your HP Deskjet printer. In case you wish to enable the wireless or the USB feature, get the add-on software from 123.hp.com/dj driver page.

Deskjet Wireless Setup

Deskjet printers can connect to the network and computer wireless. However, they require the HP Deskjet wireless drivers and software for Wireless setup. HP Deskjet printers do not have a Touch Panel. Hence, you require enabling the wireless mode using the Wireless Button on the printer panel. After connecting the HP Deskjet printer to the wireless network, you can add wireless to the devices. You may use the HP Deskjet printer wireless setup steps on the 123.hp.com/setup dj manual.