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How to connect HP Deskjet 5572 to computer?

First, Connect the cable and read instruction to boost your printing.

123.hp.com Deskjet USB Setup

USB cable setup on your system brings a dynamic change in 123.hp.com/deskjet5572 printer attributes, in order to get the best outcome of it by establishing the features. This periodically makes the operation of the printing to a simpler form to the user convenience.

123 HP Deskjet USB Printer Setup (Windows)

On your Windows system, try to get the USB settings done with complete finishing setup in turn to get the phenomenal access using 123.hp.com/setup 5572 Printer assortment. It includes effective framing of quality printing through organized setup to the expectation of the users.

Step 1: Prepare Printer Setup for the deskjet5572

  • Initially, check the status of your windows system for the purpose of staying away from the fundamental defects and troubles eventually.
  • Further, get much concentrated on the length of your connecting cables and ensure with the consistency.
  • In general, if you have been connected your USB cables before installing the desired driver on your system, kindly, get through the following steps to overcome or else get connected with your technical team.
  • Whether disconnect the corresponding system, with reference to the USB cable and wait until the driver installation.
  • Try to use 123.hp.com/deskjet5572 printer and devices option from HP Deskjet 5572 printer control panel for the case of getting initiated with the USB cable connectivity.
  • Finally, remove the existing connecting and move with move option for the printer setup.

Step 2: Driver Install and Setup for deskjet5572

  • First, get connected with 123.hp.com/setup 5572, and enter your desired type of HP Deskjet 5572 printer module and try to download it.
  • On the other hand, also get some help from the HP Easy Start option for downloading the required driver setup on your windows.
  • In case the user-defined driver setup is not available on the provided list of the driver, try to get it manually with the preferred keywords.
  • Further, if the user needs to alter the operating system, click the change option on the same page or else claim certain help from our technical support.
  • Use the driver download option on the required driver setup for the user convenience.
  • If prompt, choose 123 hp deskjet5572 printer connection by modifying it as USB and try to complete the setup on your windows. 

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123 HP Deskjet USB Printer Setup (Mac)

On your Mac system, be prompt on choosing the setup using the USB cables, for the case of getting the desired state of access through simple manner. Try to be much conscious while accessing the setup, be in touch with our technical team for the better accessibility and attributes establishment.

Step 1: Prepare Printer Setup for the deskjet5572

  • Primarily, try to be smart enough on enquiring with the printer properties regarding the USB cable connection on your Mac system.
  • Confirm certain requirements in order to establish the trouble-free arrangements on USB and driver installation.
  • Be obvious on printer status, if not active, alter accordingly. Here, inspect the length on the connecting USB cables with reference to the standards.
  • In case you connect your USB cables on the provided USB hub or docking station, 123.hp.com/deskjet5572 printer might not function with adequate uniform power supply.
  • Try to disconnect your corresponding system. Do not attempt to reconnect the cable until it prompts while the driver installation process.
  • Finally, the printer setup is done successfully. In case the user, get stuck with certain confusions regarding the arrangements; be in contact with our technical team.

Step 2: Driver Install and Setup for Deskjet5572

  • To get started with, get connected with 123.hp.com/setup deskjet5572, to get your printer module on the connection.
  • Utilize HP Easy-start option with reference to your HP Deskjet 5572 printer and system version.
  • Try to download the essential HP Driver setup for your HP Deskjet 5572 printer module from the list of printer driver setup.
  • If the required driver is not handy, get it manually done. Simultaneously have an eye on the Apple software update status.
  • Further, if prompted get connected with the USB cable type on your respective system. On the other hand, get connected with 123.hp.com Easy Scan option.
  • Now, finally click on add option on the printer list page for adding the printer on the list and further test on print, scan and fax features.